Why Cyclamen Houseplants Droop

I was given a scarlet cyclamen of a new type. I have not seen it before. The label says DECORUM and the flower petals are slightly frilly. But each head droops and I wonder whether they will ever look upward ! Do they recover once in an indoor home environment ?

Hi Susan,

Decorum is the name of a company that grows plants not a type of Cyclamen Plant. It sounds like you may have a Ruffle Cyclamen.


The flowers usually do not droop except when the plant is too dry or has been severely over-watered. Are the leaves drooping also? If the soil is dry set the plant in a basin of water for 15 minutes and see if the plant perks up. If the soil is very wet, you will have to take it out of the pot and allow the soil to dry out. Hopefully it can be saved. You may have to cut off quite a bit of the plant. Read more about Cyclamen houseplants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.