What plant has reddish-purple fuzzy undersides

Hi Judy, I have this plant in my living room. It wasn’t labelled when I got it. It has long dark green leaves that grow in a similar manner to a peace lily. The undersides are reddish-purple and kind of fuzzy. Apart from a bit of browning on the very tips, it seems to be in good health. It receives only a small amount of indirect light for a few hours every afternoon. I give it the dregs of my water, and a good soak every few weeks. It’s never flowered though.
Many thanks

Hi Lowrie,

Your plant is a Calathea Rufibarba (Furry Feather Calathea).

There are over 300 different types of Calathea plants, many being man-made hybrids created by tissue cultures. The various varieties have leaves with a purple undersides and vibrant colorful  top sides. Indoors, a Calathea is a table plant or short bush that rarely gets bigger than  24” tall and 24”-26” wide. A Calathea is usually difficult to care for, but it looks like you are doing a beautiful job.

You can read all my care tips for a Calathea in the Popular Houseplant section of the website. The picture is of a totally different variety, but the care is the same.