What is this Plant? Calathea Stromanthe

I ended up with this starter it looks like it’s a vine kind of plant but I don’t know anymore then that.

Hi Dandy,

The leaf looks like a Calathea Stromanthe.

A Stromanthe can be grown indoor or outdoors, but will not survive a hard freeze. Since a Stromanthe plant is a relative of the Prayer plant and a member of the Maranta family, its leaves fold up at night as though praying. Stromanthe plants produce reddish pink flowers in the spring, but they can’t compete with this plants dazzling leaves. A Stromanthe is a spectacular looking plant, but challenging to grow, definitely not for beginners.

Place a Stromanthe plant in bright indirect light but no direct sun, a north or east facing window is best. A Stromanthe likes to be kept barely moist at all times. Be careful not to over-water or the roots rot and the plant dies. In winter, allow the soil to dry out a little more, but never completely.

You can read more about Stromanthe plants in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.