What is this houseplant and is this variegation normal?

Hi Judy,
As the local plant whisperer of my workplace, people often seek me out to shoot the breeze about plants. Someone recently came and asked me to 1) identify the plant in their machine shop area and 2) diagnose the illness that apparently just appeared on the plant in the form of yellow spots.
I have been unsuccessful to date in identifying the plant. The closest I’ve come is Aucuba japonica, but that plant appears to have serrated leaves whereas this plant’s leaves are smooth.
As far as a diagnosis is concerned, I personally thought that the plant looked to have some sort of variegation. When I explained variagations to them, a few of the were adamant that the yellow spots were a recent development (past 1-2 years). What are your thoughts? The plant appears to be healthy otherwise. Thank you for your time!

Hi Shayne,

Green leaves with yellow dots Croton Plat
Croton Acubifulium

The plants is  a type of Croton (Codiaeum) and the variegation in the leaves is quite normal. Acubifolium is probably the variety.