What is this Plant and is it Poisonous?

Why kind of plant is this? Are there any special care instructions? I have had it for a year now. It was a gift from a friend. I need to know if it is poisonous o pets. Thank you

Hi Samantha,

Green English Ivy Plant
English Ivy Plant

Your plant is an English Ivy and it is a very poisonous houseplant and should be kept away from pets and children.

An English Ivy Plant has a #3 toxicity level which is quite high. Didehydrofalcarinol, falcarinol, and hedera saponins are found in all parts of the plant. The leaves are more toxic than the small bitter, red berries. If an animal or child ingests any part of an English Ivy, they may experience vomiting, abdominal pain, salivation, difficulty in breathing, and diarrhea.

You can read more about an English Ivy in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.