What is this houseplant with hairy feet?

Judy, I bought this weird fern (I think??). It has these hairy, skinny, “feet” hanging over the edge of the pot. The card in it just said “tropical plant.” I love the plant and named her Lucy. Can you tell her real name and how to care for her? I can’t figure out how to include a picture, sorry. Alice


Hi Alice,

It sounds like “Lucy” your new houseplant is a Rabbit’s Foot Fern. Here is a picture of a Rabbit’s Foot Fern. Let me know if it’s the right plant.

Rabbit's Foot Fern has thin, lacy, bluish, green fronds and furry, creeping, fleshy roots.
Rabbit’s Foot Fern


Rabbit’s Foot ferns are compact plants that never make a mess like other ferns. A Rabbit’s Foot fern has thin, lacy, medium green fronds that have an almost bluish tinge. As a Rabbit’s Foot fern matures it develops furry creeping rhizomes (fleshy roots) that grow on the surface of the soil and cling to the edges of the pot. These rhizomes are covered in brown, hairy- looking scales that make them look like the rabbit feet.  The upright airy Rabbit’s Foot fern does well in medium light and prefers soil that’s kept a little drier than that of other ferns.

You can read my plant care advice for Rabbit’s Foot Fern houseplants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.