What is this Houseplant? Episcia cupriata

I bought this plant three years ago at a garden club sale. It had occasional purple blooms. No idea what it is! Now it has gotten leggy and no longer blooms, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Hi Vicki,

Your plant is a type of Episcia cupriata.


Here is a picture of an Episcia in bloom.

Textured green Episcia Plant
Episcia Plant

Episcias are trailing plants grown for its colorful textured leaves and small but pretty flowers. The most popular variety of the Episcia Plant is the Flame Violet which has silver veined leaves and bears tubular orange-red flowers about 3/4″ in size. The Episcia has never become as popular as its close relative the African Violet because it requires more care. Episcias grow in a very unique manner. Each plant sends out runners called stolons which trail over the edge of the container or across the soil in the pot. New plants are propagated from these runners. You can read more about Episcia Plants in the Popular HousePlant Section of the website.