What is this houseplant called?

I was wondering if you could tell me what the name of my plant. It grows very large. I always thought it was an elephant plant but when I searched Google I can’t find any images that look the same. A few years ago I had an identical one but with hairy leaves. The leaves on this one are smooth.
I wanted to know what temperature these plants like. I moved it from the house into my conservatory and it didn’t seem to like the heat and I nearly lost it. It has recovered well and has been out on the patio for the summer months, but would it stand a frost? (although I have brought it inside now)

Hi Shelly,

Green and red Begonia Plant
Begonia Plant

Your plant is a type of Begonia. Begonia Plants do well in cool temperatures between 65-75 degrees. Begonia Plants need a great deal of humidity to thrive. You can increase the humidity by placing a Begonia Plant on a wet pebble tray, by putting a small humidifier near the plant, or by grouping several plants close to each other and creating a mini- greenhouse effect. You can read more about how to care for Begonia houseplants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.