What is the Easiest Orchid to Grow as a Houseplant?

I love orchids but keep killing them. What is the easiest orchid to grow as a houseplant for someone with a black thumb?

Hi  Annie,

Bletilla, whose common name is Urn Orchid (also called the hardy Chinese ground orchid), is considered the easiest orchid to grow as a houseplant. It’s a type of terrestrial orchid and originated in southern Japan and China. The orchids form clusters of long, pointy, sword-like leaves and flowers, which look like miniature Cattleya Orchids. They like morning sun and afternoon shade, but no intense hot sun. Bletilla Orchids need light if you want them to bloom.

They also need a rich, loamy soil whether you put them in pots indoors or plant them in your garden. Quickly dead head spent blooms so they plant doesn’t waste energy on them. You can easily propagate these orchids by dividing their fleshy tubers (or rhizomes) in the fall.
Purple Bletilla striata orchid
Bletilla striata orchid
Bletilla ochracea Orchid
Bletilla ochracea Orchid