What is my houseplant?

A friend gave me this plant and I did see it flower and it was a purple flower on a tall stem. It has been kept as an indoor plant at her house. Can you identify this houseplant?

Hi Deb,


Your plant is called a Streptocarpus or Cape Primrose. This is what it looks like in bloom and healthy.


Here are a few care tips for your Cape Primrose Plant.

Cape Primrose is a big cousin of an African Violet. It will bloom all year if you keep the soil slightly moist, but never soggy,  and keep it in bright indirect light. If a Streptocarpus does not get enough light, it won’t bloom. This plant also does well under fluorescent lights. Cool room temperatures between 60-75°F are best.  If the room is too hot, the leaves of a Cape Primrose wilt. Plant a Cape Primrose in African Violet soil.