What is a Tassel Fern?

What is a Tassel fern and is it hard to care for?

Hi Richard,

Tassel ferns are really relatives of the plants we know of as ferns today and love warm damp places. The Tassel ferns are in the  Lycopodium genus along with the Coral fern and Club Moss.

Long green fern fronds with tassels at the end
Tassel Fern
Long green fronds with tasselas at the ends
Tassel fern

Here are a few care tips: bright light, high humidity, moist soil (never allow the plant to dry out), and only use plant foods that contain no chemicals such as fish emulsion. Feed your Tassel Fern in the Spring and summer only and always dilute the fertilizer to 1/2 the recommended strength.


Tassel Ferns derive their name due to the often tassel like appendages which bear spores at the end of the leafy branches.