Direct Sun Damages Leaves of Houseplants

Hello Judy, we moved two weeks ago into a house and our Janet Craig went from sitting in front of a back French door in our apt to a living room wall across the room from the Windows. When we noticed several of her leaves have developed these large black spots on them we moved her to a room where she could sit right in front of a window that gets sunlight part of the day. We water her with distilled water every couple weeks, she was near an air in the living room and in the room she is now, but the temperature is at 72. Any help is welcome.
Thanks so much



I guess my first question is how you moved your plant from your old apartment to your new home. The leaves look like they were damaged either by direct sun, extreme cold, or some kind of chemical (like the fumes from carpet cleaning). It only takes a few minutes of sitting in the direct sun or being subjected to the cold air from an air conditioner for the leaves to get damaged. Cut off the damaged leaves and avoid the cold, sun, and air born cleaning agents; the new leaves should be fine.