Trying to Identify Sisters Houseplant

My sister brought this plant over to my sunroom as it seemed to not be getting enough light at her new place. Previously it had been about 3 times as large but has lost a lot of foliage. Seems to be perking up now. Took a few cuttings which are doing really well and shooting out roots over just a few days. Unfortunately, no idea what it is, and I’d like to know prior to potting the new ones! It’s just over a foot tall right now, with leaves that are fuzzy, green on top and purple underneath. Google has failed to help me figure it out! Here are some pics, thank you in advance for any help 🙂



Your plant is a type of plectranthus, common name is Purple Swedish Ivy.

Green and Purple Swedish Ivy
Purple Swedish Ivy

Here are some care tips that might help.