Spider Plant Turning Black

This is my second Spider Plant that I’ve owned. Unfortunately my first one didn’t make it. I love these plants and I would really like to keep this one alive. It’s only been about 2 weeks since I’ve gotten this one, and already it doesn’t look quite right. It’s droopy and there seems to be a some parts that are turning a dark brown color. What could this be? And what can I do to help the plant?? Thanks!



Hi Victoria,

Long, narrow green and white striped leaves on a spider plant
Spider Plant
Chlorophytum comosum

It sounds like you may be over watering your spider plant. Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before you water. A good way to tell when a Spider plant needs water is to look at the leaves. The green color in the leaves starts to fade when the soil is dry. Be sure there are drip holes in the bottom of the pot so excess water can drain out. If you are having a hard time determining if the plant needs water, water from the bottom. When the plant feel light to lift and the soil is dry, set the plant in a deep saucer of water for 10 minutes, then remove, and allow excess water to drain out. Wait at least a week or more and then use this method to water again.

Water high in salts (that has passed through a softener) or containing a lot of chemicals, also causes brown leaf tips. Use distilled water or allow your house hold water to sit out over night before using it.

You can read all my care tips for a spider plant in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.