Sick Corn Plant, what to do next?

Hi, Judy Can you look at the pictures of my Corn Plant an let me know what is wrong? It gets good light, I only water it with water that has sat out at least a day with Superthrive in it, Its not in a draft or near a heat vent, I have a water gage so I am not over watering, I am not fertilizing now only spring and summer and early fall.It has a baby plant at the bottom This is suppose to be an easy houseplant but I am having alot of trouble, please help if you can. Love your site. Thank You, Susan

Hi Susan,


I think there may be a couple of things going on. First, the plant is sending all its energy to the new baby plant growing at the bottom and this is slowing down the growth of the main plant. Secondly, I think you may be under-watering the plant. Is it getting any new growth? When you water, do you make sure you water enough so that it comes out the bottom drip holes in the pot? If not, the new baby plant takes the moisture and the large plant goes without.