Red Veined Fittonia Plant Dying

Hi judy! You helped me identify my plant about January last year, and I’d appreciate it greatly if you could help again by telling me what I’m doing wrong 🙁

My plant is turning pale green/yellow (mostly at the bottom) with the leaves curling inwards (like a scroll). The stem is getting weaker, to the point that I stuck a pencil in the soil to keep it upright.

I water it about once a day and the soil is constantly moist. I give it fertiliser in the form of orange peel now and then, and keep it next to a frosted window (thus the light isn’t really that strong?)

I hope the information is useful and that you’ll be able to help me save him 🙁

Thank you!



It looks like you have a watering problem. Keep the soil of a Fittonia or Nerve Plant moist but never soggy at all times. A Fittonia Plant will “faint” or droop dramatically if it gets too dry. When that happens, just give it a little water and a Nerve Plant perks right up. The leaves of a Fittonia Plant turn yellow and drop off from over- watering. The soil appears to be very wet. This plant definitely does not need to be watered every day! You are over-watering. You may have to cut the top half of the plant off so that it starts growing from the bottom to get a full and bushy plant once again. Read all about how to care for a Fittonia Plant in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.