Purchased houseplants, please identify

First plant was listed as cissus rhombifolia but it doesn’t look like it from photos. I think it’s a peperomia but not sure and I need to make sure none of these plants are poisonous to cats. It also has green bumps on it and I was worried if it had a disease that could spread to other plants also it’s very dirty on leaves what’s the best way to clean the leaves so they are nice and shiny? I’m new to indoor planting. The second one I think is a relative of the wandering Jew just wanna make sure both of these plants will do ok in medium sun lit rooms with west facing windows or in bathroom near shower



Your first plant is a relative of the Wandering Jew but the name of your plant is: Moses in the Cradle Plant, some call it a Boat Plant.

The second plant looks like a Balfour Aralia.

A Moses in the Cradle Plant is a poisonous house plant. It has a #3 toxicity level. The sap of a Moses in the Cradle Plant causes severe pain in the mouth if eaten and minor skin irritations that last a few minutes.

An Aralia Plant is a poisonous houseplant also. All parts of an Aralia Plant contain saponins which cause gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Both plants do well in bright indirect light, but no direct sun. You can read about both plants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.