Prayer Plant Leaves Small, Thin, and Wrinkled

I have a herringbone Prayer Plant that I’ve have for about 6 years now, and some of its leaves are smaller and thinner than before. Many of the Prayer Plant Leaves seem sort of crinkled or wrinkly. It sits very close to a very large north facing window, not drafty, and I water it when the top of the soil just starts to dry. I use filtered water. Any idea of what is wrong?


My first question is how often do you feed your Prayer Plant, since this is the usual reason houseplants have smaller, thinner leaves. A Prayer Plant is an acid loving houseplant. Feed a Prayer Plant with a basic houseplant food like Miracid at ½ the recommended strength every two weeks in the spring and summer. It’s not necessary to fertilize a Prayer Plant in the winter and fall. A Prayer Plant will love your extra tea. Prayer Plants like to be warm and humid and yours is next to a North facing window, perhaps it got too cold this winter.

You can get more houseplant care tips for a Prayer Plant in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.