Please identify my new houseplant

My brother came home the other day with this plant because he liked it. It had no tag and I’ve been unable to find any information on it. We have a cat who loves to munch on plants so we’ve been keeping it out of her reach but I think it might need more light? I really like this plant and want to take good care of it. Please help.

Hi Aerin,


Green and gold variegated Peperomia Plant
Peperomia Plant
Wax plant

Your plant is called a Peperomia. It is a succulentLearn the definition of a succulent plant and why they are called a "fat plant." houseplant that likes lots of bright lightVery few houseplants should be placed in direct sun. High light refers only to bright indirect light since direct sun often burns the leaves of indoor houseplants. An area that is too hot and dry encourages Spider Mites and causes blooms to quickly fade. A northern exposure really doesn't provide enough light for high light plants. These plants need to be placed directly in front of an east-facing window, within 1-3 feet of a west-facing window, and within 5 ft. of a south facing window. A high light area has over 300 ft. candles of light. and not very much water. Your particular variety looks like an upright Peperomia rather than a trailing variety. I’d say it’s probably the Variegated Wax Privet (Desert Privet) Peperomia. There are complete care instructions for Peperomia HousePlants in the Popular Houseplant section of the website. The picture is of a different variety, but the care is the same.

Beautiful plant!