Please help me to identify this plant before it dies!!

A friend who doesn’t have much interest in plants gave me this colourful label, no name and the previous owner clueless as to what it could be. I love it but it doesn’t seem to be doing too well and I really don’t know what it needs..shade, sun etc. Please could you help me before I push it into an early grave ☺ thank you

Hi Courtney,

Your plant seems to be a Calceolaria herbeohybrida (Pocketbook plant). Here is a picture of a Calceolaria herbeohybrida just to be sure you agree.

Other common names for your plant are: Lady’s Purse plant and Slipper Flower plant.

How to identify and care for a Lady's Purse Plant or Slipper Plant

Calceolaria are considered annuals; they have a very decorative foliage and flowers but can be kept for only a single season. They are very demanding plants so it is no surprise that you are having some problems with it. Here is what the plant likes:

Bright light but no direct sun.

Keep the soil moist al all times but not soggy. Water from the bottom

Temperatures between 60 to 65°F during the day, 45-55F at night, and no drafts

Do not feed while flowering