Plants-Natural Insect Repellents

Can you recommend some plants that might keep bugs and insects away. I have small children and hate to cover them in insect repellent but am really afraid of diseases these insects might cause. Thanks in advance, Amy

Hi Amy,

I know what you mean. Summer is here and so are the mosquitoes, gnats, and no-see ums. I don’t like spraying myself  or any of my grand kids with sticky, smelly, insect repellent every time we go outdoors so I put insect repellent plants around my porch and small pool  area.

Here’s a list of my favorite insect repelling plants; it includes both flowering plants and herbs. The oils in them act as natural insect repellents. These plants are inexpensive and easy to find. I keep them in pots, like light weight “smart pots” so they can be moved around easily or plant them around my vegetable and flower gardens to protect my plants.

Basil: Repels mosquitoes and flies

Citronella Grass: repels insects

Lavender: Repels flies and mosquitoes.

Lemon thyme: Repels mosquitoes.

Marigolds The scent from marigolds repels aphids, mosquitoes, and sometimes even rabbits

Mums: These flowering plants contain pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is used in insecticides and in aerosol insect bombs. Mums repel ants, Japanese beetles, lice, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, spider mites.

Peppermint: Great minty aroma and it repels mosquitoes.

Petunias: These pretty plants repel aphids that can destroy flowers and vegetables.

Rosemary: Place pots of this flowering plant in the direct sun. The plant repels insects and the leaves can be used in cooking.