Plant name?

Hi. I’m so glad I found you. I purchase this at Lowe’s in Indiana. It did not have a name on it and I don’t know what the name of this plant is. I would appreciate it if you could identify it for me. Thank you so much. I attached three different pictures of the same plant.

Hi Tina,

Your plant looks like a type of Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema). All of the many Chinese Evergreen plant varieties have long shiny leathery leaves with unique patterns of green, gray, pink, red, or cream. NASA lists the Chinese Evergreen as one of its top ten plants to clean the air of harmful toxins.

You can read all my care tips in the Popular Houseplant section of the website. The picture is of a different variety, but the care is the same.

These plants are considered poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. Read more about common houseplants that are poisonous in Don’t Feed Me To Your Cat! A Guide to Poisonous Houseplants