Plant Identification: Variegated Hoya Plant

Hey Jude,
I bought this beautiful new plant today, but don’t know what kind it is. Can you help me identify it?

Hi Rya,


Your plant is called a variegated Hoya Plant. There are over 200 species of the easy to grow almost indestructible Hoya Plant. Hoya Plants are often referred to as Wax Plants because of the waxy nature of their leaves and flowers. Hoya Plants have long trailing vines that often intertwine. Under the proper conditions all Hoya Plants produce five-pointed, star shaped, fragrant flowers that come in red, white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and even black. Hoya Plants are perfect to hang in front of a bright sunny window. Even a plant novice will be successful growing a Hoya Plant if they avoid over-watering.

Pink flowering Hoya Plant
Flowering Hoya Plant

You can read all of my care instructions on how to grow a hoya plant in the Popular Houseplant Section of the website.