Plant Identification: Beaumontia grandiflora or Easter Lily Vine

Hi Judy,
I have this plant given to me by a friend. As soon as I planted it, it grew into a vine and covered most of the space outdoor. It has big leaves and and blooms from Dec to Feb with big white flowers in bunch. After 3 years I saw big ‘fruits’, not sure if that is edible though. Can you help identify this plant? I have attached images in this post. Thanks a lot. Ceres.

Hi Ceres,

Your plant is a Beaumontia grandiflora or Easter Lily Vine.

This is a really impressive climbing vine with large leaves and beautiful big flowers. It can grow as tall as 20ft. high and 20ft. wide.  It does need a very strong trellis or some other support. This gorgeous plant has large glossy green leaves that be as large as 8-9 inches. The white flowers, which usually appear in late spring, are 3-6 inches long and about 3-5 inches wide. These fragrant blooms are trumpet shaped and are a prettier version of the usual Easter Lily.

These plants like full sun or partial shade, plenty of water, and a good rich soil. Prune the vine when it finishes blooming to encourge more flowers the following year.

This is a poisonous plant so please be careful that small children and pets don’t eat any part of it. Read more about common plants that are poisonous in Don’t Feed Me To Your Cat! A Guide to Poisonous Houseplants.

White Easter Lily Vine
Beaumontia grandiflora Easter Lily Vine