Plant Identification: Asiatic Lily

Hi Judy, My sister gave me this plant with beautiful orange flowers. It looks like an Easter Lily but it’s orange. What do you think it is? Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to send you a picture. Tammy


Hi Tammy,

It sounds like your sister gave you an Asiatic Lily.  Does your plant resemble the picture above? Asiatic lilies (Lilium asiatic) have beautiful flowers that come in orange, red, yellow, pink, and many more colors. They bloom once indoors in April then it’s time to plant them outside. They do well in growing zones 3-10, returning each year with more & more flowers.

While indoors they like bright indirect light but no direct sun. Water when the first inch or two of soil is dry. Be careful not to over water or to allow the Asciatic Lily to sit in water. Many lily plants come in a decorative wrap. Remove this wrap when watering so excess water can drain freely and allow the plant to air out before replacing the wrap.

It’s not necessary to fertilize an Asiatic lily while it is in bloom. However, once all of the blooms are gone, and you’ve placed the plant in a sunny spot indoors or planted it outdoors, fertilize every six weeks with a slow release plant food.