Philodendron Getting Brown Spots

My beautiful philodendron has developed brown spots an dry crinkly edges on many of it’s leaves. It was sitting near a heat register. Could it have gotten too much heat or am I over watering or underwater the plant? Thank you. prema


Hi Prema,

My first thought is that the leaves of your plant were damaged from being too close to the heater. Heat damage usually occurs on the outer leaves first, the ones closest to the heater. Is this what happened to your plant? Cut off the damaged leaves and move your philodendron to a different location. If the damage reoccurs on new leaves, after you’ve moved the plant, then it may be suffering from a plant bacterial disease. Watering philodendrons from the bottom, keeping them at about 70°F (21.1°C) , and  avoiding getting the leaves wet helps prevent bacteria from multiplying.