Pale and Mottled Plant Leaves Caused by Spider Mites

Hi Judy… I have a few English Ive plants that have me stumped. What happens is that a leaf (does not matter the size ) will look great for a week or so and then start loosing its green color,starts to look mottled,the color just fades and then the leaf eventually drops off or if I tug on it gently it will come off the plants stem.

I water when the soil is dry. I use Spring water with some VF11 and Shultz plant food added.

I’m wondering if the grow light I have on 24/7 is causing this ?? All my other plants look great and show no issues what so ever. Any ideas on how to remedy the Ivy plant…their kinda my favorites?

PS My Grape Ivy and English Ivy look Great…the Helix is the ones I’m having an issue with.

Any ideas on resurrection them ? As always, best 2U !

Hi Robert,

It sounds like the plant might have spider mites. Do you notice a very pale reddish haze on the back of the leaves or see any very fine webbing where the leaf stems join the main stem? I think you should spray the affected plants with what I call my “Green Solution.” Make a solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 alcohol (the kind you get at the pharmacy for $1.00 or so). Add a few tablespoons of mineral oil (again found at the pharmacy), and a few tablespoons of liquid biodegradable soap like Ivory. Shake well and spray all parts of the plant. Do not do this in the sun. I usually do it in the kitchen sink so the solution doesn’t get on furniture, floors, or carpets. You should repeat this every 10 days for a month to catch the newly hatched mites. Separate the sick plants from your other plants and keep an eye on your other ivies because spider mites spread easily.

Pale mottled plant leaves
Ivy Plant With Spider Mites
Photo: DeSantis Landscapes