Queen of the Night Cactus- Identification and Care-Orchid Cactus

I saw this picture on Pinterest somewhere but there was no info except flowering cactus. Could you tell me more about this plant, how to care for it, etc.


Hi Richard,

Yellow Orchid Cactus Plant
Orchid Cactus

This is an Orchid Cactus. The exact name of the plant is Epiphyllum Oxypetalum-Night Blooming Cereus, also called a Queen of the Night Cactus.

Here are some care tips.

This plant loves bright light but only morning sun

Keep the soil moist but never soggy from late March-November. The plant must rest for about 8 weeks during the winter if you want it to bloom the following year. Reduce your water, but never let the soil totally dry out, until new growth starts to appear in the spring. Your Orchid Cactus needs just enough water to keep the stems from shriveling.

Feed your Orchid Cactus every two weeks from the end of March to November, when it is actively growing, with a plant food high in potassium diluted to 1/2 the recommended strength.

An Orchid Cactus is easily propagated in the spring using 5″ stem cuttings.