Norfolk Island Pine (Star Pine) Dying

I bought a Norfolk Pine (Star Pine) to use as a living Christmas Tree but it’s dying after just 3 weeks. Branches are turning gray and brittle and the whole bottom half is bare looking. What’s going on? Please tell me what to do.

Hi Barbara,

Green evergreen Norfolk Star Pine
Norfolk Star Pine

Many people use Norfolk Pines (Star Pines) as living Christmas Trees, but be careful not to let the soil totally dry out or dry out the branches with too many lights. When purchasing a Norfolk Pine as a houseplant be sure that the plant has multiple trunks. This prevents the star Pine from looking bare and skinny as it grows taller. Keep in mind, you can’t trim a Norfolk Pine or make it shorter without the tree losing its symmetrical shape. Norfolk Island Pines require very bright light, even some direct sun. Bottom branches fall off when a Norfolk Island Pine doesn’t get enough light. Keep the soil of a Norfolk Island Pine Tree moist at all times. Yellow needles on a Norfolk Island Pine can indicate that the soil is too wet or too dry. If the soil gets completely dry, entire fronds turn gray and brittle. You can more of my plant care tips for a Norfolk Pine in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.