My Cat Ate This Mystery HousePlant

I got this plant as a gift and nobody knows what it is. It’s in poor condition right now because my cat decided it was a snack. I think it made him a little sick, which made me really concerned and curious about this plant. Thank you for taking a look and I hope the pictures are helpful!

Hi Logann,

Green, thick Swedish Ivy Plant
Swedish Ivy Plant

Your plant is called a Swedish Ivy, it may be referred to as Swedish Begonia or Creeping Charlie also. Fortunately, Swedish Ivy is not considered poisonous plant so there shouldn’t be any long term effects on your cat. Here are some care tips that might help. You can read more about the plant in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.

Light: Swedish Ivy Plants require bright indirect light, but no direct sun. Inadequate light causes a Swedish Ivy to “reach’ for the light and become leggy.