Moving Plants Outside for the Summer

I have a Hoya and I’ve had it in the house then outside. It gets mealy bugs easy so I have to watch it. Any way I finally brought it in this last winter. My question is should I keep it in the house or put it back outside I just don’t know ? Please let me know when you can, oh, and I have a huge lipstick plant as well. Talk to you soon

Hi Pam,

Orange flowers on lipstick plant
Lipstick Plant
Cluster of pink flowers on Hoya Plant
Hoya Plant

I love to put plants outside when the weather is good, just be sure they are never in the direct sun and you bring them back indoors before the temperature goes below 50 degrees. I recommend spraying them with my “Green Solution” once a week. This keeps the bugs away. Here’s how to make the “Green Solution.”

 The “Green Solution” is a non-toxic, chemical free mixture of water, alcohol, biodegradable liquid soap (ivory), and mineral oil. Always test any spray on one or two leaves to be sure it won’t damage the plant. Make a solution using 8oz. water & 8oz. of inexpensive rubbing alcohol, add two tablespoons of biodegradable soap and two tablespoons of mineral oil. Spray all areas of the plant. Use this solution on leathery leafed plants (except palms), never on fuzzy leafed plants like African Violets or Begonias. For palms, omit the alcohol from the Green Solution. Never spray a plant that’s sitting in the sun or one with very dry soil.
There is also a commercial product called Hot Pepper Wax, that is non- toxic and keeps pests off of your plants.