Mother-in-law Plant (Sansevieria) Turning Yellow

Hi, I have a mother-in-law plant that has been around for years and years. Some of the spikes are around 4′ high. But lately I have noticed some of the smaller spikes turning yellow and the dying. It is not in an extremely sunny location and just seemed to begin this yellowing and dying in the last 8 weeks. Any suggestions? Dave

Hi Dave,

  1. A pale yellow coloring across an entire leaf usually indicates sunlight problems (which you said is not an issue) or overwatering, which can lead to root rot and plant death.
  2. Low Temperatures: Has the temperature gone below 55°?
  3. Pests: Do you notice spider mites on the yellowing leaves? They would make the leaves, especially the backs, feel a little gritty and have a slightly reddish tinge. You cannot see the mites themselves.
  4. New Soil: When was the last time you replaced the soil? Has the soil become heavy over the years and is not draining quickly, allowing the roots to stay wet too long.

Please let me know if any of this helps solve the problem.