Money Tree plant Losing Leaves

I’ve had a money tree since May. It’s in our apartment near a north facing window (as all of our windows are). I’ve watered lightly about once per week. Recently we’ve started losing a lot of leaves. Initially I thought maybe the transition from summer to winter (and turning on the heat) may be the problem. I’ve moved the plant away from the vent (and away from the window as well) but it’s still losing leaves. Any advice?

Hi Tonya,

You should water a Money Tree plant well and then allow the top 1″- 2″ of soil to dry out before watering again. This plant requires less water during the winter months when it is resting. Be sure to use a container with bottom drip holes to prevent over watering and root rot.

A Money Tree grows best in medium to bright indirect light.  In the winter, there is probably less light coming in your north facing windows. You might want to buy a grow light or place the plant under fluorescent lights if you have some in your home.

You can read all my care tips on growing a Money Tree plant in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.