Ming Aralia: Pruning and Propagating

Hi Judy,
Very informative website. I have had this plant for about 7 years (I transplanted it from one of my dad’s funeral arrangements). For the first several years it would lose all its leaves several times a year, but finally, we found a nice spot for him and it hasn’t shed leaves for 2+ years. The tallest branch has now bent over, should I propagate that one? How? I also want to help it grow taller, and have a thicker stock. I’m not sure how to help that happen and was hoping you could help. it is hard to find specific information about this plant.

Hi Bri,

Lacy, green Ming Aralia Plant
Ming Aralia Plant

You can definitely use the branch that has bent over to propagate a new plant. Ming Aralias are propagated by stem cuttings; for some reason the propagation is most successful when the temperature is over 70 degrees. Remove leaves from the lowest part of the cuttings, dip the bottom of the stem in a LITTLE bit of rooting hormone, and plant. Covring the new cutting with clear plastic or even putting it in a plastic bag, speeds the rooting process. Aggressively trimming the tips of an Aralia Plant helps promote new growth, a thicker denser plant, and a taller plant.