Mealy Bugs on African Violet Plant

In over 35 years of having houseplants I have never had a problem with any type of bug till now. I have done some investigating and know I have a pretty bad case of Mealy Bugs on my plants, I started out using the Green Solution, did not help so yesterday I got some Neem Oil, I am going to try that today, I am just worried about using that on my African Violet, could you please advise? I think it might have started on my Hoya since it seems to be in the worst shape. Anything you could tell me about how to handle this to keep it from happening again would be greatly appreciated. What causes Mealy Bugs to attack? Thanks Judy

Hi Susan,

Purple African Violet Plant
African Violet Plant

Most Mealy Bug infestations occur naturally as the weather gets warm. The Green Solution and Neem Oil should really only be used on leather leafed plants like your Hoya and never on velvet leafed plants like an African Violet. I have often used straight rubbing alcohol on  leather leafed plants that have very bad infestations. You have the be sure to spray every part of the plant and repeat every 7-10 days for about a month.

For the African Violet, use a qtip dipped in the Green Solution or Neem Oil to dab away the pests, but do not spray the entire plant!. This is really slow work but it will eventually wipe out the bugs.  Check the plant each day in case new insects appear. Never treat any houseplants when they are sitting in the sun or very bright light.