Help! Plant Dying-Looks like Peace Lily but has Purple Underneath

Hi Judy,
I just found your website. I have an indoor plant that I absolutely loved until it started dying. The place I bought it never had it identified but I fell in love with its green on top leaves and purple on the underside sort of fuzzy leaves. Attaching pictures need your help to know what it needs. Thank you!

Hi Debbie,

Purple and green rippled Calathea plant
Calathea rufibarba plant

Your plant is a Calathea rufibarba. A Calathea plant requires high humidity to keep its leaves from getting brown edges and is not an easy-care plant,  but like many unusual houseplants, well worth the effort. Here are a few care tips to help you:

You can read more of my care tips for a Calathea in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.