Kangaroo Fern Turning Brown

Hi there Judy
I recently bought a pretty little fern that I think is a Kangoaroo Fern. I only had it a few days when suddenly its leaves all dried out and curled up. We did have a sudden hot day, but it wasn’t in the sun. The soil was dry to touch though, so I watered it and have made sure it has been kept moist. It doesn’t look completely dead – there are a few live leaves. What should I do? It makes me so sad to see it now! Maree

Hi Maree,

Is this what your Kangaroo Fern looks like? Could you email me a picture of your plant so I can see what the problem is?

Leathery, oddly shaped fronds on Kangaroo Fern
Kangaroo Fern
Microsorum Fern

It does sound like the fern may have dried out too much. You need to water a Kangaroo Fern when the top 50% of the soil has dried out. When watering, give the plant enough water so that it drains out the bottom drip holes. Kangaroo Ferns like warm temperatures (70-75 degrees) in the spring, summer, and fall, but prefer cooler temperatures (60-65 degrees) and brighter light in the winter. You can read more about Kangaroo Ferns in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.