Is This HousePlant Poisonous to Cats?

We have this new house plant and I wasn’t sure of its name and species. I would like to know what it is and if it poses any risk to our cat.

Hi Preston,

Your plant looks like a China Doll Plant and it is not dangerous to cats. A China Doll Plant is a very fast -growing plant with lacy-looking, glossy, green foliage that is native to the subtropical mountain regions of southern China and Taiwan. China Doll Plants appear very compact and sturdy when you first buy them because of the growth regulators given to them by growers. These growth regulators make normal sized leaves grow on short stems. As this regulator in the soil is used up, a China Doll Plant starts growing in all directions just like the outdoor plant it really is. Instead of a dense plant with lots of leaves, a China Doll Plant soon becomes open and feathery. A China Doll Plant, with its soft delicate leaves, makes a beautiful houseplant if placed in very bright light and frequently pinched back. You can read more about a China Doll in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.