Is this a houseplant? Are these plant leaves OK?

Hi Judy
I Live in Houston. I did buy this plant at IKEA about 3 years ago. I suspect that since it was at the store it should be an indoor plant. I did once leave it outside and it was summer time so the poor plant almost died. I have it inside ever since. I water it twice a week. And I’m trying to give it some more sunlight but seems to me it does not like it. One of the leaves did turn yellow so I did move it to a window where it does not get direct light. I’m worried because I see this plant is not as strong as the ones at the store.
Any advice?
Thank you!


Large, green, hard leaves on Fiddle Leaf Ficus
Ficus Lyrata
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Your picture is a little dark, but I think the plant is a Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig). Here’s a picture; what do you think?


Here are some care tips that might help you.