Is there an easy care long-lasting orchid?

Can you suggest the best easy care orchid plant. Also, which kind of orchid plant has flowers that last a long time. The orchids I have now finally get flowers but they only last a few weeks.

I like what is called a Phalaenopsis type Dendrobium. It’s a dendrobium hybrid orchid that has flowers last from 3-5 months. These are the most popular cut orchid flowers that we use.  The flowers come in  many, many different colors.

Purple phaleonopsis type dendrobium orchid
Phaleonopsis type dendrobium orchid

Light: Dendrobium orchids need lots of bright indirect light. Leaves should be a medium olive green color.

Water: Keep the medium barely most when the plant is actively producing new leaves. Once a terminal leaf appears indicating that the growth period has ended, allow the medium to dry out before watering.

Temperature: It’s very important for there to be a 15-20 degree change between daytime and nighttime temperatures in order to set the blooms. Temperatures around 80 degrees during the day and 65 degrees at night are ideal. Temperatures below 50 degrees can cause leaf drop.

Fertilizer: Most orchid growers recommend a balanced (10-10-10 or similar) fertilizer “weakly, weekly” when the orchid plant is actively growing.  That means, feed every week with a plant food reduced to one quarter to one half of the recommended strength.

Humidity: Dendrobium orchids like 50-60 percent humidity. If the air in your home is dry, place your orchid on a wet pebble tray but be sure the plant is sitting on the pebbles and not in the water.

Pot Size: Change the potting medium every two to three years before the mix breaks down. Don’t rush to put these orchids into large pots. Dendrobiums grow best in small pots.