Is There an Anthurium Plant that’s Really Blue?

My friend told me she just bought a blue anthurium. I told her it was probably dyed that color be the flower shop. She insists its the natural color. Are there really blue anthuriums?


Hi Sally,


Anthurium blue

Blue Anthurium Flowers


Well, the answer is that you’re both sort of right. There is a European company that back in 2011  developed a patented process of injecting blue dye into the roots when the flower buds are forming in order to dye Anthurium flowers blue. It’s a complicated process, but the results are fabulous. The blue anthurium is called Princess Alexia Blue and is from the Dutch company, Rijnplant. They also offer a yellow one called Princess Alexia Yellow. “The plant is as natural as possible, the dye leaves via root pressure and is assimilated by the leaves”.