Is a Monkey Tail Cactus Hard to Grow?

I am a beginner gardener and would like to try to grow a Monkey Tail Cactus. I saw it in a store and fell in love with it. Is it hard to grow? Does it take much care?


A Monkey Tail Cactus is a great plant for beginners. It has long, white, soft, hairlike spines and gets large bright red flowers. It looks best in hanging baskets. The care requirements are very simple.


Watering: Water when the soil has totally dries out. The warmer the air the more frequently you’ll need to water. When it is cloudy and cold, it will take the soil longer to dry out.  Keep the soil even drier during late fall and winter when a Monkey Cactus needs to “rest” for a few months in a cool area. This dormant period is necessary for it to bloom well.

Temperature: It’s hard to believe, but a Monkey Tail Cactus can survive temperatures below freezing.
Light: Very bright indirect light, no direct sun.

Soil: Use a Cactus mix that drains quickly.

Fertilizer: Feed only when the plant is actively growing with a liquid plant food high in potassium.

Pests: They are susceptible to scale, spider mites, and mealy bugs. (you can read more about these in the Glossary of the website).

Propagation: Monkey Tail Cactus are easily propagated using cuttings in the spring or summer. Allow the end of the cuttings to form a “callous” before planting them in cactus soil.

So you see, it’s really pretty easy to grow a Monkey Tail Cactus…just be careful with the water.