Is a Donkey’s Tail Plant and a Burro’s Tail Plant the Same?

My mom and I are having a disagreement. I say that a Donkey’s Tail Plant and a Burro’s Tail Plant are the same plant. She says that they are different plants because one blooms and the other doesn’t.


Hi Susan,

You win this argument. A Donkey’s Tail plant (Sedum Morganianum), is also called a Burro’s Tail plant. This is an easy-care succulent plant native to Mexico. The very attractive and unique looking Donkey’s Tail Plant has long hanging stems covered in thick heavy blue-green leaves that overlap like the hair on a donkey’s tail. This plant is quite fragile and the leaves easily fall off if the plant is bumped or disturbed in any way. A Donkey’s Tail plant does really well in hanging baskets where stems have lots of room to cascade down & no one can bump into it. Under the right conditions, a Donkey’s Tail plant (Burro’s Tail Plant)  may produce star-shaped flowers in pink, red, or lavender during the spring and summer.

Thick, over lapping, blue green Burro's' Tail Plant
Burro’s Tail Plant
Donkey’s Tail Plant

Here is a Donkey’s Tail in bloom.


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