Identifying my plants and care tips please:)

Hi Judy!!
I just bought a few indoor plants from my local garden centre and a few of them don’t have their names on them, one of is labeled as a fern mix but I was wondering if you have a better idea on it’s name! Also some care tips would be greatly appreciated as I’m new to this:) thank you!!

Hi Ava,

Long green fronds soon Boston Fern Plant
Boston Fern
Long green leaves with white border on Dracaena sanderiana and small green leaves with white veins on Nerve Plant
Dracaena sanderiana on the left
Nerve plant on the right
Green and white leaves and brown stem on Ficus benjamina
Ficus Benjamina

Your first plant is a Boston fern, second plant is a dracaena sanderiana (the care is the same as for a dracaena warnekii), third plant is a Nerve Plant (Fittonia), fourth plant is a variegated ficus benjamina. You can find my care tips for each of these plants by clicking the links below which will take you tp the Popular Houseplant section of the website.