Identify Outdoor Indoor House Plant

My grandfather recently passes away and he left me an outdoor hanging plant that he inherited from his mother. This plant is very special to me, however I have no idea what the name of the plant is so I can properly care for it. If you could take a look at the attached pictures and identify the name of the plant and offer some water, light and feeding recomendations I would be so grateful!



Your plant looks like a variegated Hoya Plant. This is a succulent plant that likes bright indirect light and dry soil. Hoya Plants can adapt to almost any moderate temperature, but prefer 60-65 degrees at night and 70-80 degrees during the day. So be sure to bring your Hoya Plant indoors before temp eratures get too cold. You can read more plant care advice on how to grow hoya plants in the Popular Houseplant section of the website.

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