Identify houseplant with Variegated Leaves

My daughter had this plant with lovely, color- splotched leaves. Don’t know what it is, or how to look after it!

Hi Olga,

Green and white Croton "Andrew"
Croton Andrew

Your plant is a Croton, the specific variety looks like an “Andrew.”  Crotons are very poisonous houseplantsIn her new book, Don’t Feed Me to Your Cat!, plant care professional Judy Feldstein shares information about twenty-five common houseplants, each with various levels of toxicity, and the possible consequences if your pet or child snacks on them.! Here are some care tips:

Light: Croton houseplants need bright light to maintain their colorful leaves. If there is insufficient light, new leaves are green and not colorful.  Too much direct sun causes phototoridation, a condition that makes Croton leaves gray and dull looking.