Identify and care for Houseplants

Hello Judy. My name is Elizabeth. I recently found 3 plants somebody was throwing away. They are not 100% healthy but they are not on the brink of death either. I want to know what each are and how to properly care for them. Please help me save them and myself from frustration.. thanks in advance.
P.S. I’m including pictures of all 3 plants.. The 1st picture is of a plant with long skinny leaves an also dangle vines with like some kinds leave flower. The 2nd picture is of a tree like plant with thick oval type leaves. The 3rd picture is of a vine type plant with heart type leaves

Hi Elizabeth,


The first plant is a Pothos Plant. Find care tips here:

The second is a Jade Plant. Care tips here:

The last looks like a Dracaena marginata. Care tips:

Good luck with your new plants!