Indentification of a sentimental old houseplant


Recently my father asked me to babysit a plant. He wants it to go to my daughter who is in the middle of moving. Obviously I recognized it as one of my mothers plants. She passed away 5 years ago. I knew it has been around for a while so I asked him if knew anything about it. He told me that my grandmother had given it to my mom when grandma moved to California. That got my attention as she moved to California in 1969. If we assume this plant was at least 3 years old at the time that means it is 50 years old. It seems to be doing well in my home where it receives a good amount of indirect light and no sun. Here are a couple pics that I hope will help you identify it. Lastly can you recommend an article on how we might take cuttings to grow more for the family, my wife wants one as well. It sure seems to be a hardy plant. Thank you so much. Eric

Hi Eric,

Dark green, glossy Grape Ivy Plant
Grape Ivy Plant
Cissus rhombifolia

Your houseplant is called a Grape Ivy Plant. The best way to propagate Grape Ivy houseplants is by using stem cuttings. Be sure to let cut ends of the Grape Ivy Plant stems dry out a day or two before planting them. Grape Ivy Plants should not be propagated during the hot summer months. You can read more about Grape Ivy Plants in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.