Increase Humidity Around Plants

I currently live in the Middle East, and I’m desperately trying to counteract all the dryness and dust by surrounding myself with lots of plants. I didn’t use to give much thought to their care though as they were mostly doing fine before. However, after moving to a new apartment, I was devastated to find that several of my previously happy plants died within a few months. So I’ve decided to look up online what’s available here to see if I can keep the new ones alive a bit longer. My question then is, given that plants bloom in winter around here, when reading your posts, should I translate summer as winter? How about spring and autumn? Do plants even adjust their cycle when being transported from Europe to the ME? Alternatively, do you happen to know a good guide specifically for this region?
Many thanks for your help!
Best wishes

Hi Eniko,
Yes summer becomes winter and spring becomes fall. I think the problem may be that the air is too dry and the plants need more humidity to do well. Here are a few suggestions to increase the humidity:

1. Group the plants together to create a mini greenhouse effect.
2. Place a small humidifier in the rooms where you have plants.
3. Place a plant that is not doing well on a wet pebble tray. How to make a wet pebble tray:  Place some small rocks or pebbles in a saucer. Fill saucer with water until only top 1/4 of the pebbles are out of the water. Set the plant on the pebbles, making sure it is sitting on dry pebbles and not in the water. Replace the water as it evaporates into the air.