How to Use Cut Poinsettia Flowers?

Can I cut flowers off my Poinsettia houseplant and use them in a vase? Thanks for the help, Olivia

Hi Olivia,
You can use cut poinsettia flowers in a vase or even a Christmas wreath and have them last up to 2 weeks by just following one of these two methods.

Method #1:  Cut a stem with the colorful flowers (really called bracts and the flowers are modified leaves) to the proper length. Remove the lower leaves from the stems. Place the poinsettia stems in cool water for at least 30 minutes. The water will become cloudy. Replace the cloudy water with fresh water. You can now use the blooms alone or add some holly or other greenery to your arrangement. If you’re going to place the poinsettias in water tubes and use them to decorate wreaths, check the tubes almost every day to be sure there is enough water.

Method #2:  Cut Poinsettia stems to desired length. Think before you cut, so you won’t have to cut  a second time, you’ll see why. Immediately  singe the cut ends of the stems with a candle or long match to stop the sap from dripping out. The sap isn’t poisonous, but is very irritating if it gets on your skin, so wear gloves. If you have to re-cut the stems at a later time because they’re too tall for the arrangement, you’ll have to singe the cut ends again. Place the flowers in water, add some evergreen branches and some berries and you’re done!

Red Poisettia and green flower arrangement
Poinsettia Flower Arrangement